Everyday Cosmetic things to carry in your purse


Whether it’s a neutral colour or that fabulous shade of red, having that perfect shade of lipstick means you’ll look your best when spontaneous dinner or drinks invites arrive at 5 p.m


Keep your favourite perfume with you via a mini refillable perfume travel bottle. A spritz of your favourite scent can evoke positive memories and make you feel better.

Lip Balm

Dry office air means dry lips. To combat this issue, pack a basic lip balm or you can upgrade to a lip balm that is a lip treatment. Look for balms containing shea butter or essential oils, they are the best for keeping your lips soft and smooth. And ones with a soft hint of vanilla offer a small treat!

Nail File

A tiny rip can ruin your nails and if it catches on anything, your clothes and skin. Avoid snags by carrying a small nail file in your bag. A tiny ceramic file means your nails will always look great… and help conserve your manicure longer.

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is good for you, your skin and even your memory! That’s right, Be friendly to yourself and the environment by carrying a light-weight water bottle that you can fill up anywhere. Stay cool!

Hand Sanitizer

A small bottle of hand sanitizer is vital when you’re taking public transport or dealing with the flu season. Upgrade from the classic bottle of Purell with a hand sanitizer that has a gentle smell like coconut or flowers. It will kill all those germs and leave your hands smelling great.

A Phone Charger

There’s nothing as frustrating as having your battery die just as you need to use your phone to text or post to Instagram. Stay charged and ready by tucking a phone charger or cable into your bag.

Mini Hair Brush

This is such an essential tool whether its super dry out or very rainy. Duck into the washroom, run it through your hair and get rid of the end-of-the day frizzies and restore your beautiful hair style.

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